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Sun terraces

in Terres-de-Meuse

Enjoy a moment with friends, under the sun, on one of the most beautiful terraces in the Terres-de-Meuse!

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Justine Toussaint


Ju on the road

La Clandestine in Huy

the most intimate

The discreet front of La Clandestine in Rue Griange (a stone’s throw from the Grand Place) hints at a little corner of paradise. And so it is, inside this pretty cantine that puts slow food, organic and local in the spotlight. Upstairs, you’ll find a charming terrace, half sunny, half shady, just the way you like it. Here, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the delicious dishes carefully concocted by Diane and Marie. Accompanied, of course, by a local beer, kombucha or glass of natural wine.

Hours: Wednesday to Saturday lunch and dinner, closed Saturday lunch, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Pampa Bar in Statte

the sunniest

Located on the banks of the Meuse, at the Port de Statte, the Pampa Bar offers a sublime view of the water and the port. The impression of being elsewhere, almost on vacation, without leaving the town of Huy. You’ll feel right at home here: Pauline and Marie welcome you with a smile and suggest their delicious Mediterranean-inspired tapas. Add to that a cocktail or a glass of natural wine, wisely recommended by Davy… You won’t want to leave!

Hours: Wednesday to Sunday lunch and dinner, closed Monday and Tuesday.

Pur Jus à Statte

the most user-friendly

Are you wondering where to have an aperitif on Mondays? Look no further! Justine (aka Ju on the road “), and Davy (the same nice guy who advises on wines at Pampa), have taken up residence on Mondays on the terrace of Pampa Bar, in Port de Statte. With their bawette Pur Jus, they offer natural wines, accompanied by small dishes prepared by Lulu for nibbling and sharing. For a warm moment with friends, an aperitif that goes on forever, a perfect sunset by the water, in an ultra-cool atmosphere with music. We’ll see you there every Monday, won’t we?

Schedules:All summer long! Sundays at events (follow on Facebook and Instagram) and Mondays from 5pm onwards on the terrace of the Pampa Bar (the Pampa restaurant is closed on Mondays, wines and dishes offered by Pur Jus), at Port de Statte.

Naxhelet in Wanze

the quietest

Naxhelet is a beloved part of Terres-de-Meuse, as much for its incredible architecture, golf and wellness facilities as for its sublime exteriors. There’s also a 4-star hotel and two restaurants (the Cuisine and the Clubhouse), with comfortable terraces, where you can hear nothing but birdsong (and a few golfers). A real green setting overlooking the valleys of the Mehaigne and Meuse rivers, where you come to recharge your batteries, sit back and enjoy fine dishes made with local, seasonal produce.

Hours: open every day


La Terrasse des Lilas in Huy

an air of the sea on the banks of the Meuse

The first bar-péniche in Terres-de-Meuse, the Lilas terrace offers an exceptional setting on the river, with an outstanding view of the Fort de Huy. A convivial place par excellence for a drink, a spritz or a special beer from the region. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a drink, a spritz or a special regional beer, before heading off to dinner.

Hours: variable (see Facebook)

Hosdent Pop Up Bar

Bar d’été éphémère de la ferme du Cortil! An idyllic setting in the heart of the Burdinale Mehaigne Nature Park and a stone’s throw from the village of Le Saule.

Hours: variable (see Facebook)