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Summer top

Explore the best of summer as you indulge in artisanal ice cream, recharge your batteries on picturesque walks, cool off in our public swimming pools, enjoy outdoor activities and discover the tourist treasures for which this exceptional land is famous. Get ready for an unforgettable summer, where every day will be a new opportunity to create precious memories in the heart of our beautiful region.

Top walks

to do in summer

Summer offers an unforgettable summer experience with invigorating walks,
allowing you to enjoy the sun, the shimmering landscapes and the joyful songs of the birds.
Each step takes you towards new discoveries, while the longer days
offer more time to explore. However, it’s important to take precautions
by protecting yourself from the sun, staying hydrated and respecting the rules to preserve the surrounding nature.
Submerge yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of summer and let yourself be enchanted by summer walks.

The must-sees

Let yourself be carried away by the majestic waves of the Meuse River on unforgettable cruises in Huy,
enjoy the art of terrace living and let the sun caress your skin.
Refresh in our aquatic centers and go on adventures on thrilling treasure hunts.
Explore the surrounding nature, recharge your batteries and marvel at the cultural treasures
that make the heart of the Terres-de-Meuse beat in summer.
A perfect program for a summer vacation rich in discovery and pleasure!

Major summer events

Don’t miss the chance to create memorable
memories at the unforgettable Terres-de-Meuse summer events!