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Where to get a drink?

Feeling a little thirsty? Here are a few nice places where you can have a drink with an aperitif board in Terres-de-Meuse, from Hesbaye to Condroz via the Meuse Valley!

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Ju on the road

Huy and surroundings

Come and enjoy a drink by the water or on Huy’s Grand Place!

Bistrots de Terroir

Discover the warmth and authenticity of the Terres-de-Meuse bistros. These friendly establishments will welcome you with simplicity and generosity, in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Let yourself be tempted by local specialties, accompanied by a glass of craft beer, and savor the authenticity of local cuisine in these terroir bistros.

Les Bistrots de Terroir is a label that is part of a network present throughout Wallonia. By joining the Bistrot de Terroir network, restaurants and cafés commit to strict quality criteria. These criteria include, among other things, the presence of at least three local products, one of which must be available all the time, and a minimum opening time of 250 days a year. In this way, Bistrots de Terroir offer a guarantee of quality for lovers of authentic, local cuisine.

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