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With your 4-legged

Travelling with your dog is becoming increasingly popular, offering a unique opportunity to discover new places while strengthening the bond with your faithful companion. Whether you’re a nature lover, an adventure enthusiast or a farniente enthusiast, Terres-de-Meuse offers you a wide choice of activities and accommodations adapted to your needs for an unforgettable stay in the company of your dog.

Friendly addresses

for a gourmet break with Médor

Want to treat yourself and your four-legged friend on vacation?
No worries, our travel consultants have compiled a list of dog-friendly restaurants in our destination.
No more canine-culinary dilemmas, bon appétit to you and your favorite pooch!
This is the perfect opportunity to show that your pooch is the best food critic in town, with his unerring nose for good food!

Take your dog with you

Dog-friendly accommodation!

Looking for a holiday destination for you and your canine companion?

No longer fear sleeping on straw! Our accommodations are 100% dog-friendly, so Snoopy can travel first class with you.

Imagine yourself enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep in a cozy home with your snoring pooch by your side, or relaxing in a cottage in the countryside with your dog sharing his sheepdog dreams. And why not even spend a night under the stars in a tent with your faithful four-legged friend watching over you?

So don’t leave your dog at home when you go on vacation, come and stay in our accommodation and enjoy an unforgettable experience with your faithful sidekick by your side. Because, after all, vacations are much more fun with a dog with a happy nose!

A vacation with peace of mind

Tourism allows you to travel with your dog and experience unique adventures together.
Following practical tips for safe travel
and choosing dog-friendly destinations,
you’ll be able to enjoy this experience to the fullest.
Go on adventures with your canine companion and create unforgettable memories!

Your pooch's equipment to have with you at all times:

  • His collar or harness with tag: your contact details must be up to date so that you can be contacted easily
  • His leash or lanyard: your dog must always be kept on a leash when out for a walk or a visit
  • A bowl and water bottle: so he can refresh himself and quench his thirst anywhere
  • His kibbles or treats: in case he gets peckish
  • Doo bags: to collect any “souvenirs” he may leave behind. Bags are available at the Maison du Tourisme (subject to availability).

5 ideal walks

with your dog

Nothing matches the infectious joy in your dog’s eyes when he sees the leash and understands it’s time for a walk. Walking with your faithful four-legged friend is much more than just physical exercise. It’s a privileged moment of complicity and sharing, where you can connect with your dog and enjoy nature together. You’ll feel the breeze on your face as your dog sniffs, runs and enthusiastically explores his surroundings.

Walking with your dog is an opportunity to relax, recharge and create precious memories. Whether in the countryside or in the forest, walking with your dog is a source of happiness, complicity and freedom, and strengthens the unbreakable bonds that unite you with your four-legged best friend.

Unforgettable adventures

activities to share with your faithful companion

In Terres-de-Meuse, share unforgettable adventures with your dog.
Hikes, boat rides, tours, activities…
There’s something for everyone in the region’s breathtaking landscapes.
Emmit your four-legged friend with you and go exploring together.

Keep your wits about you, stay informed

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