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The Trip Advisor’s advice is grouped together in a personalized web application, which is sent to the traveler by e-mail or SMS just after their initial exchange. Travelers can draw on these recommendations to guide their decisions, as they correspond precisely to their on-site needs. What’s more, travelers can contact an available advisor at any time to request additional information for their roadBOOK.

Discover a wealth of valuable tips with the roadBOOK!”

It’s simple: get your own roadbook and receive it by email or SMS. Personalized according to your preferences and tailored to the length of your stay, this notebook gives you access to constantly updated information via your own dedicated website. You’ll find details of events, must-do activities, walking routes, restaurants and much more. It’s the ideal tool for staying informed locally and having access to the latest information!

If you prefer a less digital approach or are looking for an offline getaway, our paper brochures are still available. Simply ask for them on site from our advisors.