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6 good reasons to rediscover

the Terres-de-Meuse

In Terres-de-Meuse, we love our destination! Gastronomy, good products, special moments shared with family and friends, omnipresent nature, gentle way of life…

It’s good to live in Hesbaye, Condroz and the Meuse Valley! We tell you why below.

2. Nature is everywhere

In Terres-de-Meuse, we’re spoiled when it comes to “Nature”!

Arable land and fields as far as the eye can see in Hesbaye, wooded areas and forests with enchanting scents in Condroz, a Nature Park, beautiful villages, pretty streams, or the many remarkable parks and gardens…

There are a thousand ways to experience the Terres-de-Meuse destination on the nature side!

3. This is the area with the most castles

Did you know? Belgium has the highest number of castles per square metre in the world!
And in Terres-de-Meuse, there are dozens of castles…
4 of them are remarkable and classified as Walloon Heritage:
the Château de Jehay, the Château de Modave, the Château de Waleffe and the Château de Warfusée.
There is something for every taste and every era.

4. There are many vineyards here

While vineyards were already to be found in our region in the 9th century, it was only in the 1960s that vine-growing became popular once again!

In Terres-de-Meuse, there are around ten winegrowers. Come and meet them, and discover their products and their craft, as close to nature as possible.

5. One of the world's finest whiskies

is located in Terres-de-Meuse

It’s not all vineyards here! There are also popular beverages such as Pékèt, rum, liqueurs and even whisky.

The whisky from The Owl Distillery, which needs no introduction, is recognized the world over. It has received numerous awards and the enviable title of Europe’s best single malt.

6. A rich calendar of activities

for a lively destination

Do you love culture? Enjoy year-round concerts, folk festivals, shows and exhibitions organized in Terres-de-Meuse.

Are you more of a bargain hunter or gourmet? Take a stroll through our terroir walks and discover food events in Hesbaye, Condroz and the Meuse Valley. Are you a fan of nature sports and leisure activities? Take part in our walks and hikes (hiking, ADEPS, horseback riding, mountain biking), trails and other races.

An eclectic program enlivens the months and seasons of the Terres-de-Meuse, making it a destination on the move!


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