meuse-FTPL-P.-Fagnoul-Ravel-Huy.jpgUne dame roulant à vélo sur le RAVeL le long de la Meuse à Huy
©RAVeL à Huy|FTPL P. Fagnoul

Meuse Valley

vineyards and waterfront

The Meuse Valley, the link between our region and the rest of France, offers landscapes shaped by the many tributaries that flow from the surrounding plateaus. Man has left his mark here through stone quarrying and built remarkable architectural ensembles.

Whether you’re a lover of nature, history or gastronomy, this region offers a multitude of unique experiences that will satisfy all your desires.

Nature & Heritage

This region, situated between the Hesbaye and the Ardennes Condroz, is crossed by the majestic Meuse, which has shaped its unique landscape. The Meuse played a crucial role in the region’s economic and commercial development, and its importance as a natural transport route is still present.

The valley’s incision, the rocks and the Meuse’s meanders offer spectacular panoramas, and the terraces and alluvial plains bear witness to the region’s geological history. Beyond its enchanting landscape, the Meuse Valley is also a place rich in cultural and historical activities, where crafts, industry and commerce have flourished since Antiquity.

Vines, which appeared as early as the High Middle Ages, were part of the agrarian landscape on the hillsides of the left bank of the river until the Second World War. Today, it is being rediscovered thanks to a few passionate winegrowers who have taken up its cultivation.

The collegiate churches of Amay and Huy alone are home to 5 of the 20 Mosan hunting grounds. You can also admire the Flône abbey, the Engis cave, witness to the first paleontological discoveries in Belgium, as well as discover EuroVelo 3, the Val Mosan boat, the Waroux tower and the Gravière site. These are just some of the riches to be discovered along this river in our region.

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