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Naturally idyllic

Terres-de-Meuse, surprising by nature!

To experience the Terres-de-Meuse destination in nature mode is to…

. discover a mosaic of contrasting landscapes, sometimes shaped by the work of man, deep forests, steep valleys, fields with vast horizons, stones that have seen centuries pass by.
… catch the blue flash of a kingfisher, or the silhouette of a dipper along our clear rivers.
… take in the fragrance of the humus in the undergrowth to observe an owl hidden in an old willow tree.
… smile as you watch hares chase each other across the fields, breathing in the warm scents of ripe wheat.
… follow old country lanes and marvel at poppies and cornflowers bending in the wind.
… stroll along forgotten paths to discover a dew-covered orchid…
To experience the Terres-de-Meuse destination in nature mode is finally to let yourself be guided by enthusiasts to encounter all these hidden wonders.

Ready for some green?

Envy of a stay in tune with your ecological sensibility,
several of our tourist establishments have been awarded the clé verte
label for their environmental performance. Because it’s perfectly possible
to combine an eco-friendly stay without sacrificing any comfort in Terres-de-Meuse!”

Don’t hesitate for a moment and put your bags down in one of these accommodations.