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Top 10 things to do
when it rains

We’ve put together a small selection of things to do, in Terres-de-Meuse, in bad weather.
You’ll see, it almost makes you want to have rain!

2. Escape

We’re not telling you to leave the Terres-de-Meuse, surely not, there’s nowhere better to go anyway! 😉
Here, we invite you to escape from an “escape game”.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, an “escape game” is a game to be played with family or friends. Usually in teams of 2 to 6 players, you’re locked in a themed room and have one hour to get out.

A good story, puzzles and the feeling, on leaving, of having made your brains think, that’s what the “escape games” in Omal, Moha or Hannut offer you.

3. If you want to get wet...

And why not take the plunge altogether?

There are several swimming pools in Terres-de-Meuse. Huy, Wanze, Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse, Waremme, Ocquier… enough to take the plunge!

Did you know that, with Plopsaqua, Hannut is home to Wallonia’s largest aquatic complex?

Are you ready for a day filled with water fun, slides and unforgettable adventures?

4. Making a canvas

Great classic for a rainy day, the cinema is often the number one fallback option!

For lovers of the 7th art, we’re lucky to have 2 small cinemas with great charm, Imagix in Huy or Les Variétés in Waremme, the last single-screen neighborhood cinema in the region.
Then slip into a darkened room and let yourself be carried away by the latest films on the bill.

In February, there’s even a cinema bourse in Waremme for the most fervent among you.

5. Keep children occupied
with fun activities

If the weather turns nasty for several days, keeping the kids busy and letting off steam will quickly become salutary.

Modules with sliding surfaces, ball pools, tunnels, slides, trampolines, mazes, obstacles… in short, plenty to climb, jump, crawl, let off steam and above all have fun! Take advantage of the facilities at Terres-de-Meuse’s indoor leisure centers:
– Ninjapark in Waremme
– Forêt de Popy in Amay
– L’atelier or Clip’n Climb in Braives

Popy Aventure, in the commune of Amay also offers other recreational activities such as Laser Game and black light Mini-golf.

Bowling, whether in Hannut, Waremme or Huy, is a great alternative form of entertainment that’s also adaptable for children.

6. Enjoy a good meal

Is it raining? Never mind, it’s the perfect time to push open the doors of restaurants or taverns and take the time to discover the fine flavors of our terroir.

Three Michelin-starred restaurants, four terroir bistros and a multitude of other places to eat a fine dish and enjoy the diversity offered in our beautiful region.

Come on, cheers!

7. Do yourself good

The bad weather is the perfect excuse to take some time for yourself. Recharge your batteries on this rainy day at wellness du Naxhelet in Wanze.

You can also take the opportunity to have a massage at an institute such as Escale Bien-Être in Verlaine or Posément Couleurs in Faimes.

Are we not well here?

8. Go shopping

For sure, to lift your spirits shopping is good therapy when it’s raining.

You may need to buy an umbrella, or perhaps a new pair of pretty shoes, the shopping possibilities are very real in Terres-de-Meuse.

Small boutiques or big names, the towns of Hannut, Amay, Waremme, Huy or the shopping centers of Saint-Georges – Verlaine will meet your expectations.

9. Take water

Is it raining? But we’re not going to let it get us down.

Mini-cruises, gourmet cruises, fireworks cruises or even cultural cruises, there’s something for everyone with the boat le Val Mosan (May to September).

Who knows, you may, just maybe, get a Noah’s Ark feeling.

10. And if we dared...

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