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My prettiest walk

Let’s set off together for an unforgettable escapade, in the heart of what will become your most beautiful walk.
Let yourself be bewitched by the magic of the landscapes and their diversity, marvel at the symphony of colors that unfolds before your eyes. An adventure that takes you far away from everyday life, where every step reveals a hidden treasure, and every breath brings you closer to harmony with nature. Embark on this enchanted quest, where memories weave like stars in the sky of an itinerary that will become unforgettable.

The most beautiful forest walks

Explore the enchanting trails of Terres-de-Meuse and let yourself be enchanted by the unparalleled pleasure of forest walks.

Breathe in the pure air imbued with mystery and marvel at the wild beauty that surrounds you. Moments of deep connection with nature, a revitalizing escape for body and mind.

Discover the simple joy of a forest walk, where every step reveals a natural treasure, and forge memories that will remain etched forever in the heart.

Our favorite walks

Whether you’re a lover of wilderness, fascinating architecture or breathtaking panoramas, our favorite walks promise unforgettable moments of escape and discovery. Put on your shoes, open your heart to emotion and embark on walks that will remain engraved in your most precious memories.

Bon ap' bag!

Want to enhance the many signposted walks in the Terres-de-Meuse while discovering the local terroir?

This isothermal backpack sold for €25 offers a complete aperitif for two people and suggested walking itineraries. Gourmets will be able to enjoy nature and views while tasting: apple juice, lemonade, an aperitif tube, beer, chips, eggplant caviar and crackers, sausages.

A bonus: the backpack is for you for your future hikes.

They tested for you

Trust the Terres-de-Meuse ambassadors and
let their discoveries inspire you and take advantage of their advice.

They’re unrivalled at unearthing nuggets, getting you off the beaten track,
finding you the perfect place to spend the night or the trendy eatery to enjoy local cuisine.