Halloween: places to shiver with delight

Plunge into the heart of fright and enchantment with places that will make you shudder with delight! The witches’ night at Jehay castle and the eerie mysteries of Bonsecours chapel in Vieux-Waleffe await you for an unforgettable experience. Get ready to experience bewitching moments where dark secrets and legends mingle to create a breathtaking atmosphere. Are you ready to dare horror?

The night of the witches

At the end of October, the witches are back at Château de Jehay for an evening that will make you shiver… with pleasure!

Will the most daring among you dare to push open the castle doors and plunge into the scary world of witches?

A haunted castle for an evening, the Château de Jehay welcomes young and old alike for a terrifying evening… but above all an unforgettable one, with entertainment, puppet theater, shows, concerts…

Will you also take to the trails of the uncanny and confront the monsters and ghosts?

Will you join in the storytelling, torch-lit walks in the park as part of the trails of the uncanny?

The witch of Vieux-Waleffe

In the Hesbaye village of Vieux-Waleffe, the legend of Appolonie, the witch with the golden hoof, is still very much alive! In the Middle Ages, the poor lady was accused of witchcraft after a sick horse died on her doorstep. She was burnt at the stake, where the Bon Secours chapel now stands. A strange, mystical place, shaded by six beautiful lime trees. To find out more about this Hesbaye legend, put on your walking shoes and venture out on the trails of Vieux-Waleffe, for an easy 8 km walk.