Copie De Balade Aux Flambeaux Mars 201702 C Serge PecheurBalade aux flambeaux
©Balade aux flambeaux|Serge Pêcheur

Autumn thrills and flavours

Discover a palette of gourmet delights in the colors of autumn, from local produce and traditional recipes to daring culinary creations.
Also venture into the mysteries of autumn and let yourself be carried away by the chills of Halloween and the legends that haunt the region. Take part in bewitching festivities, explore places steeped in history and vibrate to the rhythm of tales and spooky tales.
Between gustatory pleasures and Halloween thrills, autumn in Terres-de-Meuse promises a unique sensory experience where flavors and legends combine to create unforgettable memories.

Top walks

to do in autumn

Autumn invites you to take captivating walks amid a spellbinding natural spectacle.
The benefits and pleasures of autumn walks are manifold, with landscapes transformed
into a symphony of shimmering colors. The trees take on golden and red hues, creating a breathtaking
visual tableau. The crunch of leaves beneath your feet adds a unique sensory dimension,
while the crisp, fresh air envelops you in a gentle embrace.
Take advantage of autumn to recharge your batteries, connect with nature and marvel at its changing beauty.

Major autumn events

Discover the captivating cultural, festive and tourist events that make autumn
in the Terres-de-Meuse a season full of surprises and charm.