jehay-c-chateau-de-jehay-1.jpgPaysage d'automne avec arbres et feuilles mortes
©Château de Jehay

6 magnificent autumn walks

in Terres-de-Meuse

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons for walking in Terres-de-Meuse.

We offer 6 varied itineraries, perfect for an autumn outing with family or friends, to choose from according to your desires.

1. Promenade de la Rochette

Departing from the village center of Villers-le-Temple, the walk takes you to the Rochette site in the Fond d’Oxhe valley. The 9.5 km itinerary takes you along the roads and paths of one of the region’s most beautiful villages, once the seat of a commandery of the Templar Order. Hence the name! To discover along the way: La Rochette. A singular prehistoric rock where numerous Neolithic artifacts, especially tools, have been found. They are now on display at the Musée Curtius in Liège.

2. Pont-de-Bonne promenade

In the heart of the Condroz region, this 7.2 km itinerary starts at Pont-de-Bonne and runs along the former railway line 126, now known as the Ravel. It’s a very pleasant path, which you soon leave to join another track running alongside the Hoyoux. We pass the old Vyle-Tharoul railway station (or at least, what’s left of it), before crossing the road carefully to reach the hamlet of Limet through the woods.

3. Vieux-Waleffe Promenade

Located in the commune of Villers-le-Bouillet, on one of the highest points of the Hesbaye, Vieux-Waleffe is a village of character turned towards agriculture, with its local stone houses, small church and beautiful farms.

I loved the diversity of the landscapes on the walk, from wide open spaces to colorful wooded areas to the meadows of the village of Warnant-Dreye next door (which is also a very pretty Hesbaye village, let it be known).

4. Saint-Fontaine and the ponds

5. La promenade de la Pierre

6. The Wachnet promenade

The Wachnet walk is the ideal family outing. In the heart of the Hesbaye region, this site was specially developed a few years ago: educational trail, duckboards… The ecological trail takes us to discover the different areas of the site.

Frogs can be heard and many birds observed.


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