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Discover Fallais Castle

Discover Fallais Castle

Les Balades de David


Today, I’m taking you on a tour of Château de Fallais, in Braives, in the Burdinale-Mehaigne Nature Park. This historic château is privately owned, but occasionally opens for events.

Don’t hesitate to check out the château’s website to find out about them!

I was lucky enough to discover it during the Heritage Day dedicated to family château life on this May 1!”

As someone who loves old stones, I was able to imagine its entire history just by looking at the building and strolling through its pretty gardens. And what a history it is, since it starts around the 8th century!

I fell under the spell of this enchanting place… In fact, I didn’t fail to take photos of the castle from every angle.

To round off my visit, I enjoyed a good beer in the castle’s inner courtyard.

To find out more about the castle and discover the dates of events, visit the château de Fallais website.