Parcours Du Saule BraivesParcours Du Saule Braives

The Willow Trail

in Braives

Discover the unexpected mysteries of the Willow Tree with Yvette the owl, and fight the witch!

The unexpected mysteries of the Willow tree

Come and discover a surprising 3.5-hectare green space featuring an adventure tower, a labyrinth, a water garden, a living willow tunnel, a salicetum (a collection of over 50 identified willow varieties), a bone grove, a fishing pond and a multitude of elements enabling you to discover the willow in all its states!

As you discover the Willow Trail, don’t miss the new family treasure hunt, Les mystères inattendus du Saule. Follow Yvette the owl as she helps you along the way, solving riddles and braving challenges that will multiply your powers of strength, intelligence and stealth to fight the witch.

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