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The Tower of the Lord of Racourin Lincent

The tower of the Lord of Racour

Discover the church of Saint-Christophe de Racour in Licent.

Racour, the village worth visiting!

Take a tour of Racour’s Tour du Seigneur.

These are just some of the happy surprises people will encounter when they come to visit Racour’s astonishing Saint-Christophe church. A game booklet has been produced for the occasion to enable younger visitors to tour the building and learn about its history in a fun way.

Enter the church of Saint-Christophe and climb the 700-year-old lord’s tower: the spiral staircase will take you into the two rooms of the keep! The church also boasts a giant statue of Saint Christophe, also dating from the 14th century, as well as interesting furnishings

Combine your visit with that of the museum opposite: its 7 rooms offer a glimpse into daily life in the village 100 years ago. Also nearby: the listed Roman ruins of St Pierre de Lincent church


The Museum of Old Life and Tarare

Take the opportunity to visit the museum opposite and discover what daily life was like 100 years ago!