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The Templar treasure hunt

in Villers-le-Temple (Nandrin)

Find the lost treasure of the Templars

Templar treasure hunt

Entitled “Find the lost treasure of the Templars” and developed by the ATL (accueil temps libre), this easy 5.5 km walk is accessible 24/7.

This activity allows the discovery of the village of Villers-le-Temple in a fun and attractive way. The walk starts from the sports hall (Rue J. Pierco, 4 in Villers-le-Temple), where a sign and a box provide details and support for the game. After the walk (not accessible to baby carriages and PRM), participants of all ages can open the treasure chest using the 3-digit code found along the way. A little surprise awaits them.

Bon Ap' bag

Want to spice up your getaways while discovering the local terroir?

Pack the “Bon ap’!” bag (ap as in apéro/appétit/afternoon), which offers a complete aperitif for two as well as suggested walking itineraries. Gourmets will be able to enjoy nature and unsuspected riches while sampling apple juice, lemonade, an aperitif tube, a beer, chips, eggplant caviar and crackers, sausages.

This isothermal backpack (which you keep for your next walks) is sold for €25 and available at the Maison du Tourisme (Quai de Namur, 1 – 4500 HUY) and in certain partner info points.