Sentier De La Mouhagne HannutSentier De La Mouhagne Hannut
©Sentier De La Mouhagne |Marc Houbart
The natural and built heritage of

The Mehaigne Valley and Sources du Geer

in Hannut

Discover the natural and built heritage of the Mehaigne valley and Sources du Geer on two walks.

The Mehaigne valley
and the Sources du Geer

Discover the village of Avin and Moxhe, between nature and heritage, on these two walks, the Springs and Mouhagne. Stroll through the various wetlands of great biological interest, as well as the little wilderness trail that runs alongside the Geer springs. Fans of rural architecture will also be delighted to discover the streets and alleys of the village, as well as several castles that evoke the prestigious past of this small Hesbion village. The two walks also offer some beautiful stretches of nature, with the Mouhagne trail, a bucolic route through wetlands along the Mehaigne. Find out more about these two walks with our walking guides! These are available in French and Dutch, and show the route on an IGN map with a description of the itinerary and points of interest.

Bon Ap' bag

Want to spice up your getaways while discovering the local terroir?

Pack the “Bon ap’!” bag (ap as in apéro/appétit/afternoon), which offers a complete aperitif for two as well as suggested walking itineraries. Gourmets will be able to enjoy nature and unsuspected riches while sampling apple juice, lemonade, an aperitif tube, a beer, chips, eggplant caviar and crackers, sausages.

This isothermal backpack (which you keep for your next walks) is sold for €25 and available at the Maison du Tourisme (Quai de Namur, 1 – 4500 HUY) and in certain partner info points.