Pierre Château De MohaPierre Château De Moha
©Château De Moha|Florian Hamoline

The stone

to Moha

Limestone is found throughout Terres-de-Meuse. It is quarried at Moha, among other places. You’ll see it in the region’s rich architectural heritage.


Welcome to Moha, a charming village in the commune of Wanze known for its picturesque landscapes and feudal castle. But Moha is also home to one of the region’s most successful companies: Carmeuse, which has been quarrying local stone since 1860.

Moha limestone is a sedimentary rock of marine origin formed around 350 million years ago. It has long been used in the construction industry for slabs, paving stones, gravel, etc. But one of its main applications is the manufacture of lime.

From the Château de Moha, starts the famous “Promenade de la Pierre”, an emblematic walk in the Terres-de-Meuse territory.

The project to install educational panels along the “Promenade de la Pierre” is an initiative that will enable visitors to discover more about the importance of stone, its history, its exploitation and its many uses. These informative panels will add an educational dimension to this iconic stroll, offering hikers an enriching experience.