20230414_141440.jpgObservatoire site de la sablière Villers-le-Bouillet
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La Sablière

in Villers-le-Bouillet

Come and discover the Sablière site in Villers-le-Bouillet, a site of great biological interest and exceptional biodiversity.

Discovering La Sablière

its flora and fauna

The site of the former Villers-le-Bouillet sand pit was once exploited for its sand until the 1970s, when the freeway was built. Since the end of industrial activity, the fauna and flora of the sand pit has only grown. In 2019, thanks to the will of the public within the framework of the PCDN, the site will take on a value of great biological interest. A redevelopment project is now underway to create an area for relaxation, discovery and nature enhancement. A large observatory and an educational pond were built this year. Further developments are planned, such as modules and an educational trail.

An explanatory flyer and a video capsule have been produced by the Maison du tourisme, in collaboration with the commune of Villers-le-Bouillet.

This biodiversity-rich site helps to preserve the flora and fauna of our region. As you stroll around, you’ll discover rare species such as rare butterflies and orchids.

  • Address: rue de la Sablière (entrance at the crossroads formed with the N684) – 4530 Villers-le-Bouillet