1.-JAN-Chapelle-Vervoz-S.-Pecheur.jpgChapelle de Vervoz sous la neige
©Chapelle de Vervoz|Serge Pêcheur

Winter and confetti

In Terres-de-Meuse, winter is a season when conviviality and tradition combine to create a unique experience. From cocooning to Christmas markets, from carnivals to Valentine’s Day and St. Nicholas’ Day celebrations, every moment is conducive to discovery and human warmth. Come and experience the pleasures of winter in our region, and let yourself be carried away by the enchanting atmosphere of the Terres-de-Meuse.

Top walks

to do in winter

Winter offers magical walks in the heart of a fairytale winter landscape.
The benefits and pleasures of winter excursions are manifold.
Sparkling snowflakes gently settle, transforming the world into a veritable fairytale.
The bare trees reveal an austere yet captivating beauty, while the fresh, pure air
invites you to take deep, invigorating breaths.
Winter offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature in a different way
and enjoy a spellbinding experience.

The must-sees

In Terres-de-Meuse, winter is lived with unique and warm pleasures.
Here, we may not be adept at sled dogs and ski slopes,
but we have so much to offer in terms of relaxation, traditions and conviviality.

Major winter events

In December, Christmas markets light up our towns and villages, creating a magical atmosphere.
Wander along the beautifully decorated stalls, where you’ll find handcrafted products,
culinary specialties and unique gift ideas.
Amay and Waremme also celebrate Carnival, a joyful and colorful tradition that brings the community together.
Watch lively parades, where costumed groups and beautifully decorated floats stroll through the streets.