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Spring selection

Discover the enchanting pleasures of spring in the heart of Terres-de-Meuse. With its picturesque landscapes, brilliant flowers and vibrant tourist activities, this season offers a veritable symphony of sensations. Let the gentle spring breeze enchant you on bucolic strolls, explore charming villages that awaken to life, and sample the delights of local gastronomy featuring fresh seasonal produce. Les Terres-de-Meuse invites you to enjoy an unforgettable experience, where lush nature and the authenticity of the region combine to create a picture-perfect springtime.

Top walks

to do in spring

Enjoy the countless benefits this radiant season has to offer: the sweet fragrance of blooming flowers,
the melodious song of birds and the comforting warmth of the sun caressing your skin.
Explore the verdant paths and let yourself be seduced by nature in bloom.

However, don’t forget to pay special attention to preserving our fragile environment.
Although picking may seem appealing, take care not to upset nature’s delicate balance
by excessively removing plants or flowers. By protecting our ecosystem,
we’re ensuring that future generations will also be able to savor the splendor of springtime strolls.
So, set off on your adventure, enjoy every moment and take care of our precious environment.

The must-sees

Spring joyfully heralds the opening of the tourist season,
where numerous attractions blossom like buds
to welcome visitors eager for discovery. Majestic castles,
churches steeped in history, fascinating museums and various leisure
and sporting activities offer an inexhaustible wealth to share with you during this time of year.

Major spring events

Discover all the excitement of spring in Terres-de-Meuse!
This is the season when lively gatherings come to life.
Breathe deeply, because spring is finally here!


The chocolate epicenter of Easter

Plunge into a chocolate adventure in the heart of Terres-de-Meuse,
where spring awakens with the magic of Easter and exciting egg hunts!
In our gourmet corner of paradise, local chocolatiers are the passionate artisans
who carry on our country’s heritage as undisputed experts in the art of chocolate.
So come and explore the Terres-de-Meuse during this magical season,
where the enchanting scents of chocolate mingle with the spring air.
Let yourself be seduced by our warm hospitality, picturesque landscapes
and passion for cocoa. An unforgettable chocolate experience awaits you,
where you’ll discover why Belgium is and will forever remain the world reference for chocolate.