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Totemus Treasure Hunt


Bright sunshine and the desire to stretch your legs… These are at least two good reasons to put on your walking shoes and set off to explore the Terres-de-Meuse! For a change from traditional walks, I’d like to suggest a different activity today…

The Totemus treasure hunt is the perfect combination of walking and discovery. It’s a fun experience, halfway between treasure hunts and geocaching… Perfect for learning and walking in the fresh air while having fun!

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Before embarking on your adventure, download the free Totemus app. You’ll find a range of walks for all levels. In Terres-de-Meuse, there are currently 3 walks, one in Huy, one in Modave (a circuit to be completed by car), and one in Meeffe (Wasseiges).

Meeffe, a historic farming village

For my first Totemus outing, I chose a route through the Hesbaye countryside
“Agricultural stories: Meeffe and its vicinal”. A good excuse to discover this region of open landscapes,
its flower-filled countryside, pretty villages and important built heritage

Located at the crossroads of the provinces of Liège and Namur, Meeffe has been an important farming village for many centuries. There are many traces here of the Middle Ages, and even more distant times… But I’ll let you discover all that for yourself, during this treasure hunt.

We learn that in the 19th century, a new technology came to disrupt the villagers’ daily lives, as well as their way of getting around… It’s the vicinal. In other words, the first railroad. In fact, it’s from the old station that the tour begins, discovering Meeffe and its history. You’ll be able to leave your car in a parking lot opposite the playground.

From the very first moments, you’ll need to sweat your brains out and pay close attention, to solve the riddles and progress through the course. Don’t worry, it’s very accessible. To be honest, the only difficulty we encountered on the route was finding the date inscription on the Ferme du Prieuré… Either we were blinded by the sun, or it’s not really visible… In short, as it was for us, Google will be your friend for this answer.

You’ll have to solve the riddles one by one until you reach the treasure (a false treasure, it’s more a location), to be found thanks to geographical coordinates, decoded as you go along. Even if this totem pole is fictional, it’s still exhilarating to reach the end!

The toteez

vouchers to exchange for gifts!

No real treasure at the end of the ride… But gifts to be won a little later! By taking part in treasure hunts, you can earn and collect totems and points called “toteez”. These toteez can be exchanged in the Totemus site’s gift grotto for vouchers for activities with partners. Isn’t that great?

A great walk to discover with friends! Don’t hesitate to mention the Maison du Tourisme on your next Totemus outings in Terres-de-Meuse!