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Totemus Treasure Hunt

to discover Huy

We often think we know a town, a village, a region, because we’ve been there, we’ve passed through, we’ve had a drink, usually on the Grand Place, but do we really know what it’s hiding?

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Before embarking on your adventure, download the free Totemus app. You’ll find a range of walks for all levels. In Terres-de-Meuse, there are currently 3 walks, one in Huy, one in Modave (a circuit to be completed by car), and one in Meeffe (Wasseiges).

Last Sunday, I decided to take some time out to enjoy the sunshine by discovering a city I’d never really visited. To give a playful twist to this stroll and learn as much as possible about its history, I decided to use the TOTEMUS app for the first time, which offers toteez hunts all over Wallonia.

It’s a treasure hunt that combines strolling, culture and discovery throughout Wallonia.

So here I am, off to discover the beautiful town of Huy, whose fort overlooks its collegiate church and the Meuse River. We didn’t venture into the Fort this time, but took to the many fortified lanes, admired the ramparts, crossed bridges including one that didn’t look crossable, thanks TOTEMUS, discovered a well-hidden cloister, climbed the MUR de Huy and swept away a few years of history in an hour and a half of hunting. We drank a Léopold7, had a bite to eat at Pastel not far from the Grand Place and, above all, had a wonderful time. I can now say that I’ve seen Huy, la Belle Ville, but I’ll be back for the fort for sure.

And you? Do you really know Huy?