Moulin-du-Geer-Basse-Def-079-2048x1367-1.jpgMoulin Du Geer castral
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A night at the Hollogne-sur-Geer castle mill

There are inspiring places where you feel good from the very first moment… and the Moulin Castral d’Hollogne-sur-Geer is one of them. A beautiful address in the Hesbaye region, a unique and exotic place steeped in history. Here’s an account of a comforting stay with Laurence and Pierre, in a magnificent building in the heart of the village.

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This trip was far from planned. But it all happened very quickly… An unexpected phone call and two days later, here we are in the countryside of Hollogne-sur-Geer. Fields as far as the eye can see and green corners, lit up by the low-angled light at the end of the day… Even before arriving at Moulin Castral, I already felt out of place.

It’s amazing, because I’ve only recently got to know the region, even though my home is only 10 km away. It’s fair to say that if there’s one positive aspect that confinement has brought me, it’s the time to take, to explore these places so close to home, these places I didn’t know. Surprising places that I’m also lucky enough to discover thanks to the Maison du Tourisme Terres-de-Meuse.

Le Moulin Castral

discovering the gîte

Here we are, at the Moulin Castral in Hollogne-sur-Geer. An old watermill dating from 1646, restored and refurbished into 3 cosy gîtes, and a reception hall for private and business events. When we pull up in front of the lantern-lit driveway, we can’t see the place yet, but we sense that it’s rather promising.

Once through the gate, we find ourselves in an exceptional green environment bordered by the Geer. A few moments later, we’re greeted warmly and with simplicity by the owners of the premises, Laurence and Pierre. We’re sure to feel right at home here.

Laurence accompanies us up a few steps to our gîte. Brand new and fresh, it was built during containment and now completes the mill’s accommodation offering.

Once inside, my hopes were confirmed: the place is adorable, the decor soft and tastefully chosen. The light streaming through the impressive bay window in the living room gives this apartment a cosy, warm atmosphere. The view over the garden is magnificent. Laurence, who is also a florist, was in charge of the decor and, of course, the flowers.

Our apartment comprises 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a separate toilet and a spacious, light-filled living room with kitchen. The wood-panelled kitchen, open to the dining room, is super practical and comfortable. We set down our belongings in the large bedroom before joining Laurence and Pierre for an aperitif in the garden.

Le Moulin Castral

a little history

Le Moulin Castral is above all a great renovation adventure for its owners. An architect with a passion for history, Pierre fell under the spell of this old building a few years ago. Located within the listed historic site of the former seigneury of Hollogne-sur-Geer, it is part of a 12th-century architectural ensemble, with the brewery opposite, of which only the portal remains, and the nearby castle. Little by little, surprise after surprise, he restored this extraordinary place.

Joined in the adventure by his partner Laurence, he restored the 19th-century wheel and converted the flour mill and grist mill into a reception room. A highly creative woman, she helped him finalize the project, opening the first two gîtes in the stables in 2015. Today, Moulin Castral comprises Pierre’s workplace, their home, a function room, three gîtes and, of course, the wheel back in action.


An evening in nature

At the rear of the building, you’ll discover a raw garden filled with wild flowers and an impressive vegetable and herb garden. What calm! Here, you lose all sense of time. Discreet rest areas have been set up in several parts of the garden, where you can relax in comfort. The tree house along the water’s edge and the hammock behind the vegetable garden invite you to rest. Further on, you’ll find meadows hidden by vegetation, where chickens and pigs live in peace and quiet. The colors are magnificent as summer draws to a close, and this garden is bound to reveal itself through the seasons…

We settle in over a tasty aperitif and quietly get acquainted. Pierre then invites us to discover the renovated wheels and mechanism of yesteryear. We’re amazed by his knowledge and love of his mill. What a pleasure it is to meet such passionate people.

Outside, the sun is setting and the air is mild. Laurence invites us to sit around the table set by the fire. We have a lovely time (special mention to the ultra-delicious pasta al vongole) and finish the evening around the fire chatting.

After a good night’s sleep, we wake up to birdsong. Laurence brings us coffee, her lovingly prepared homemade jams and good eggs from the garden chickens. A good start to the day.

The Moulin Castral doesn’t usually offer table d’hôtes or breakfast (well, not yet!), but exceptionally for us and Thomas’s birthday, Laurence and Pierre have pulled out all the stops. For dinner in the area, don’t hesitate to ask their advice.

To sum up, Moulin Castral is...

  • 3 cosy gîtes for 4 and 5 people (the large one can accommodate 9 people around its table).
  • A large function room (60 seated and 80 standing) ideal for weddings, seminars, family celebrations, concerts and exhibitions.
  • A quiet location yet close to everything, easily accessible from Liège, Namur or Brussels via the main roads.

The little +

  • The mill wheel that makes the establishment almost self-sufficient in electricity.
  • The garden and its wild plants, the sound of the river. A delight, especially when you wake up.
  • The natural spring that offers fresh water at any time of day
  • The location 5 minutes from the Haut-Geer Nature Reserve. A place of absolute calm for a nature getaway.
  • The kindness of Laurence and Pierre, an encounter you won’t soon forget.

Staying at Moulin castral is like entering a cocoon. A cocoon of softness and conviviality. It’s the promise of a natural getaway, an ideal break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can stay for a weekend or several weeks, just long enough to recharge your batteries and take advantage of all the region has to offer.

Thank you so much… We’ll be back again very soon!