IMG_0168.jpgUne nuit dans une bulle
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A night in a bubble

in Terres-de-Meuse

In Terres-de-Meuse, Sleep in a Bubble will allow you, as its name suggests, to sleep in a transparent bubble. An unusual accommodation located in Antheit in Hesbaye, a little haven of peace for a dreamy night…
The ideal place for a comfortable night under the stars!

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Welcome to Antheit, in the commune of Wanze. In this natural setting is an unusual accommodation, Colette and Luc’s bubble: “Sleep in a Bubble”.

Welcomed by Luc, we discover our accommodation. In the verdant garden, the bubble awaits us, out of sight.

First night

in a transparent bubble

Not necessarily accustomed to unusual accommodation, I can, today,
assure you that spending the night under the stars in a bubble is a magical experience… And fun!

In fact, when you enter the bubble, you first have the impression of being in some kind of spaceship. Access to the bubble is a two-stage process: first, you have to enter a “decompression airlock”. This airlock must be tightly closed on both sides for entry and exit. If this step is not followed, the bubble risks deflating completely. Yes, a silent pump constantly renews the air, keeping the bubble inflated and preventing condensation. Accesses to the airlock are closed by zippers, which have to be gently closed each time you pass.

Once inside the bubble, you feel like you’re in a little cocoon. Inside, you’ll find all the comforts you need to feel good: a cozy bed, a small table and two chairs, heating, a kettle and tea…. As for the shower room, it’s in an adjoining room, which also opens with a zipper. It includes a dry toilet and a large basin for pouring water. No shower, but enough to freshen up, which isn’t a problem when you’re sleeping one night.

An unforgettable evening and night

under the stars

We wanted to see the stars and we were spoiled. After a beautiful spring day, the sky is clear and the temperatures are very pleasant. It’s the perfect evening to enjoy the wooden terrace on which the bubble sits, and the country air before a starry night. For dinner, we indulged in a platter from the cheese maker “Le Bonheur est dans le Pré“, which we accompanied with a lovely bottle from the wine merchant “Aux coteaux“. An easy, gourmet meal perfect for a convivial evening.

For dinner, Colette and Luc recommend Bistronomie M, a brasserie located in Wanze that delivers hot meals. Feel free to take a look at their Facebook page to discover their suggestions.

As a suggestion, it’s also possible to ask Luc and Colette for little extras, such as a bottle of wine, Champagne, flowers… To spice up your stay and treat yourself.

After this lovely evening, we were happy to slip under the comforter to enjoy the panoramic view. Comfortably installed and snugly wrapped up, we enjoyed this timeless moment.

Waking up at dawn

Awakened by the first rays of sunshine, we admire the panorama from our bed. The bubble sits on a small plateau, slightly overlooking the region. We see the Château de Wanzoul and even the wind turbines at Villers-le-Bouillet.

What a sweet night… We slept very well, without a sound.

For us, no breakfast, but this one sounded just canon, consisting of viennoiseries, bread, butter, jam, cheese, yoghurts, fruit, organic orange juice and coffee for €12.5/person. Luc and Colette offer to bring it along discreetly, starting at 8:30.

It’s already time to pack our bags and leave this cozy cocoon. After quickly packing it away, we leave the bubble to explore the Terres-de-Meuse. To my delight, the region abounds in walks in the Condroz, Hesbaye and the Burdinale-Mehaigne Nature Park. The perfect opportunity to end this unforgettable stay.

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