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The town of Geer is located between Hannut, Waremme and the province of Limbourg border, thus situated in the fertile and pleasant Hesbaye, with its meadows, silty soil, sunken paths and large courtyard farms. 

The town incorporates seven villages: Boëlhe, Lens-Saint-Servais, Geer, Hollogne-sur-Geer, Ligney, Darion and Omal. These villages tend to merge into one another and their churches are barely a few kilometres apart, all creating a vibrant closeness among its inhabitants.


Despite its largely agricultural nature, the town has retained a large amount of its architectural heritage. Notably, you will have the opportunity to visit splendid locations and buildings with a wealth of history: the church of St. Brice dating from the 13th century (Hollogne-sur-Geer); the Moulin Castral (Hollogne-sur-Geer); the 1616 presbytery that welcomed the abbot of Flônes (Geer); Notre-Dame chapel (Ligney); the Hamlet of Villereau (Boëlhe), famous for being one the prettiest places in the Hesbaye; …


The Geer area offers some wonderful walking along "La Promenade du Geer". Created by the municipal administration in 1981 and recently revamped, this 7 km trail facilitates access to all four corners of the municipality. This trail extends all the way along the Geer, one of the few water courses running through the Hesbaye. The starting point for this walk is located not far from the source of the Geer, in the square at Lens-Saint-Servais then goes deep into woodland and poplar groves to finish at Hollogne-sur-Geer. The trail allows walkers to explore the countryside in all its forms, the numerous villages that are so characteristic of the region as well as the famous Haut Geer nature reserve.