hollogne-sur-geer_1septembre-c-Pierre-Lorenzi.jpgMoulin d'Hollogne-sur-Geer
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The municipality of Geer lies between Hannut, Waremme and the border with the province of Limburg, in the fertile and pleasant Hesbaye region, with its meadows, loamy soil, sunken lanes and large quadrilateral farms.

The must-sees

Patrimonial, unusual, sporty, fun: if you had to do only one activity in this locality it’s in these proposals that you will find it.

The commune is made up of seven villages: Boëlhe, Lens-Saint-Servais, Geer, Hollogne-sur-Geer, Ligney, Darion and Omal. These villages tend to join up, and their churches are only a few kilometers apart, all of which testifies to a great conviviality and closeness between its inhabitants.

Despite a predominantly agricultural character, the commune has preserved much of its architectural heritage. In particular, you’ll come across some splendid sites and buildings equally rich in history: the 13th-century Eglise Saint-Brice (Hollogne-sur-Geer); the Moulin Castral (Hollogne-sur-Geer); the 1616 presbytery that once housed the abbots of Flônes (Geer); the Chapelle Notre-Dame (Ligney); the Hameau de Villereau (Boëlhe), known as one of the most beautiful landscapes in Hesbaye; …

The Geer entity also offers a beautiful walk, “La Promenade du Geer”. Created by the local authority in 1981 and recently redeveloped, this 7 km walk provides access to all four corners of the municipality. The walk stretches along the Geer, one of the few rivers in the Hesbaye region. The walk starts not far from the source of the Geer, on the Place Communale in Lens-Saint-Servais, and continues through copses and poplar groves, ending in Hollogne-sur-Geer. It allows walkers to discover the countryside in all its aspects, the many villages so characteristic of the region as well as the renowned Haut Geer nature reserve.

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