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Wasseiges is the westernmost commune of the province of Liège, bordering the province of Namur.
It comprises 4 villages: Acosse – Ambresin – Meeffe – Wasseiges
A rural and agricultural commune, Wasseiges offers many beautiful walks. This small commune of around 3,000 inhabitants is very lively with various social and cultural activities and several sports clubs.

The little Zaman train

(1879 - 1917)

In September 1879, the first private line concession was granted in Belgium at the instigation of Senator Joseph-Emmanuel Zaman (nicknamed “the Baron”), an industrialist living at Château de Wasseiges who had built his fortune by founding the Ambresin sugar refinery. This was the birth of the Zaman train! Running on a 9.5 km line between Noville-sur-Mehaigne and Ambresin, this narrow-gauge train, initially intended for transporting beet to the region’s sugar factories, was granted its concession on condition that it also carried passengers.
Belgian in design, the Zaman locomotives had no tender, so they could run as easily forwards as backwards. This train was very popular, with people coming from Brussels and abroad to discover it. The cars had narrow doors that prevented overweight passengers from entering.
Rails and engines were dismantled during World War I.


Exoticism at Wasseiges

Original to Crete, saffron, also known as red gold, is the world’s most laborious spice to produce, and therefore of the highest value.

In 2009, Éric and Sabine Léonard launched Belgium’s first professional saffron plantation, which today boasts over 120,000 bulbs.

The Cotchia saffron farm is the largest in the country, and offers you the chance to discover saffron around a tour and tastings during the flowering season in October. Here, saffron is grown by hand in a way that respects nature, and many variants are made in the workshops, such as liqueurs, jams, syrups, vinegar, etc.

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