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Tinlot is rich in castles and farmhouses typical of the Condroz region, and is also home to the source of the Bonne stream, which flows into the Hoyoux at Pont de Bonne (Modave). Last but not least, a number of beautiful footpaths take walkers through woods and fields.

The must-sees

Patrimonial, unusual, sporty, fun: if you had to do only one activity in this locality it’s in these proposals that you will find it.

Abée stands out for its moated castle, built around an ancient medieval keep.

Fraiture, surrounded by large wooded areas, a small village with a succession of pretty stone farmhouses.

Ramelot is known for its castle, its beautiful adjoining chapel and its, no less famous, multi-centenary lime tree. At the end of the village, a tumulus marks the passing centuries.

Seny, amid fields and woods, here too, remarkable farms and churches punctuate the daily life of this hamlet crossed by Route 66, in the direction of Hamoir.

Soheit-Tinlot being the meeting of two small settlements at the crossroads of two important roads, Liège-Marche known as Route du Condroz and Huy-Hamoir, Route 66.

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