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The charm of the Marchin commune, one of the largest in Belgium, lies in its infinite variety of plateaus, hills and valleys. Magnificent, imposing castles, churches and farms, clinging to the slopes or refreshed by the waves of rivers such as the Hoyoux (Belgium’s fastest-flowing river), the Triffoy, the Lileau and the Vyle, reveal all their historical and architectural riches.

The must-sees

Patrimonial, unusual, sporty, fun: if you had to do only one activity in this locality it’s in these proposals that you will find it.

A large commune made up of 10 hamlets, Marchin features farms, castles, woods, pastures and, in its various valleys, a group of village houses all built of stone in warm ochre tones (sandstone or pudding).

A special feature not to be overlooked, however, is the twisted bell tower of Notre-Dame de Grand Marchin church, a 14th-century Gothic edifice adjoining a Romanesque western tower. From here, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside. Marchin has a varied relief, rising and falling, offering superb walks in all weathers.

Jamagne is one of those rural architectural gems worth discovering, its origin is Merovingian, a cemetery from that era attests to this.
In the Hoyoux valley, at the foot of the hills, winds the RAVeL from Huy to Ciney.

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