Les prés BrionEtang situé à Huy - Les prés Brion
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Huy, for nature lovers

When you’re lucky enough to be a charming little town situated between four nature hotspots – the Solières valley to your left, the Tihange wood to your right, the Burdinale-Mehaigne Nature Park opposite and the Condroz behind – you’re bound to be the ideal starting point for a nature break. All you have to do is put on your walking shoes!

Huy wine

If the Hutois are known for their brilliant skills in the metal arts, they were also, for over a thousand years, very active winegrowers. Probably born in Merovingian times, winegrowing here reached its peak from the 15the to the early 17the century, with the controlled appellation “vin de Huy”. Huy wine maintained its reputation until 1914. And today, where do we stand?

Huy currently boasts 4 vineyards
The Tourist Office organizes tours of three of these vineyards.
Outside these dates, please contact the winegrowers directly. They’ll be delighted to show you their passion!

Le PIC Vert

Starting from the Grand-Place, 5.3km away, join Marchin and line 126, which will take you all the way to Modave. On this route, you’ll discover listed buildings, remarkable viewpoints and sites of biological interest!

And don’t forget that the rest of the walk will take you along the Hoyoux, Belgium’s fastest river, where you’ll be able to spot many beautiful waterfalls.

A photo spot not to be missed!

East to West

Tihange, its woods and former market gardening
Located to the east of Huy town center, Tihange will amaze you with its raw nature and magnificent woods. A great place for a stroll and a breath of fresh air!

Vallée de la Solières
A valley to the west of Huy, the Solières is a river that starts its journey in Perwez and ends its course in the Meuse. When it reaches Huy, it arrives at its destination.
Don’t hesitate to take a trip along this beautiful valley, through all four seasons.
Beware, find out about battues during hunting season!

Boat trips

Sail along the water and for nearly an hour, discover Huy, its banks and their treasures.
Cruises run from May to September.
Many themed cruises are to be discovered.

Nature reserve and wildlife park

Wetland of recognized botanical interest, bordered by fertile fields and meadows, originating from the exploitation of plastic clay pits now transformed into ponds. A major site for its many species of dragonfly, its great landscape interest stems from its alluvial forest, characteristic of the marshy areas of the Meuse’s major riverbed.

Nearby, the animal park “Le Petit Parc” opens its doors to you.

The “Petit Parc” is the ideal place to discover the Meuse’s marshes.