HERON_Lavoir_MoulinFerrieres_verger_Isabelle-Ebroin-1.jpgMoulin Ferrières à Lavoir Verger
©Moulin Ferrières|Isabelle Ebroin


Situated between the towns of Andenne and Huy, the commune of Héron lies at the crossroads between the Hesbaye plateau and the banks of the Meuse.

The must-sees

Patrimonial, unusual, sporty, fun: if you had to do only one activity in this locality it’s in these proposals that you will find it.

The commune of Heron boasts a real quality of landscape, enhanced by 70 km of signposted walking and cycling trails, and contributes to the development of high-quality tourist accommodation. This particularity offers on the one hand forest ecosystems and valley-bottom meadows and on the other vast agricultural expanses typical of Hesbaye.

Alongside the Braives, Burdinne and Wanze entities, the perimeter of the Burdinale and Mehaigne Valley Nature Park extends to the borders of the Héron commune at the level of the Burdinale springs in Waret-l’Evêque.

The landscape is punctuated by numerous large farms or “censes” typical of the Hesbaye region, and by some very fine châteaux. Notable buildings include the Marsinne castle-farm, where Léopold7 beer is brewed, as well as the Ferrières mill and the listed site around the St-Hubert church in Lavoir.

Agricultural activity is very present here, and contributes to offering ever-changing landscapes throughout the year, as well as high-quality local produce.

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