Fontaine de la grand place de Hannut la nuitHannut Grand Place
©Daniel Carat


With its town center and 17 villages, Hannut is one of the largest communes in the Province of Liège. Characterized by its open-field agricultural landscape and the valleys of the Mehaigne and Henrifontaine rivers, Hannut boasts a rich heritage of castles and quadrangular farms. A lively commune, rich in inhabitants and local associations.

The must-sees

Patrimonial, unusual, sporty, fun: if you had to do only one activity in this locality it’s in these proposals that you will find it.

3 good reasons to come to Hannut


Wallonia’s largest aquatic center is located here



The beers from the Flo brewery… Drink in moderation!


Hannut is the scene of many festivities throughout the year


First of all, Hannut is a small town with all the bells and whistles of a big one, thanks to the diversity of its retail offering. Here, you’ll find everything you’re looking for, and most of our retailers are independent. They stand out for their know-how and knowledge of their trade.

Then, Hannut is a town in the countryside whose villages are worth a detour for a series of strolls through bucolic, rural spots. Hannut is also the place to be in the leisure sector, with an escape game, a bowling alley, a games room, a golf course, a microlight club and the Plopsaqua water park to discover when you’re here.

Hannut is also a pleasure to be enjoyed without moderation. The Horeca sector comes in many flavors on the territory: from gourmet to quality bistro, Italian, Chinese or Indian, you’ll find something to satisfy your taste buds. The bars are not to be overlooked, where you can enjoy a cocktail, a glass of wine or a special beer in complete tranquillity.

And finally, Hannut is a pleasure to let yourself be seduced by the many events organized throughout the year. Prepare your visit by consulting the Town’s website, the Cultural Center and the Facebook pages dedicated to the businesses to organize your stay as well as possible, or simply by calling the Tourist Office (019/51 91 91).

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