Industrial heritage

Syrup factory, Sugar refinery, coal mining...

Several examples preserve the memory of rural industries linked to agriculture such as syrup factories, sugar refineries, sugar beet factories or breweries. In Hesbaye, we have the Mélotte companies in Remicourt with its vast industrial complex once devoted to the production of the famous cream separator.

Coal mining, so intense in the Liège region, was also a feature of the Huy area, from Engis to Bas-Oha. The Corphalie companies of Vieille Montagne et Prayon were bases of industry in this part of the Meuse Valley. They used mineral deposits from the region. The other important industrial area was the region of Hoyoux which as soon as you leave the city of Huy gives another view to the valley. Hoyoux was a hub of the metal industry and retained this role for a very long time. Many remnants from industry punctuate the Huy Valley to Modave.