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Industrial heritage

in Terres-de-Meuse

There are many reminders of rural industries linked to agriculture, such as syrup factories, sugar mills, grateries and breweries. In Hesbaye, the Mélotte company in Remicourt is a vast industrial complex once devoted to the manufacture of the famous skimmer.

Syrup, sugar, coal...

Coal mining, so intense in the Liège region, was also practiced around Huy, from Engis to Bas-Oha. The Corphalie, Vieille Montagne and Prayon companies were the backbone of industry in this part of the Meuse valley. They made use of the region’s mineral deposits. The other major industrial zone was the Hoyoux region, which gives a different landscape to the valley as soon as you leave the town of Huy. Le Hoyoux was a hotbed of the metallurgical industry and remained so for a very long time. Numerous industrial remains line the valley from Huy to Modave.

Hesbaye is considered a rural region, whereas the Mosane valley is often included in geography books on Belgium as part of the Sambre et Meuse industrial belt. In Hesbaye, few factories have disrupted the old village fabric. The situation is quite different in the Mosane valley, where villages such as Ampsin, Amay, Flône, La Mallieue and Engis have undergone a real transformation. Extractive industries such as quarries, alum factories and collieries have significantly altered the landscape.


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