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Museum of lithographed tin cans

The world's largest collection

Yvette Dardenne has amassed an impressive collection of 60,000 tin cans, on display at the Museum of Lithographed Tin Cans in Hannut. This collection holds the title of the largest in the world, recognized by the Guinness Book of Records!

A unique collection to discover

In the charming village of Grand-Hallet, you’ll discover an amazing place: the lithographed tinplate museum.

It all started with a passion. Yvette Dardenne is a buxidaferrophile, a passionate collector of metal tins. She began her collection 30 years ago, and today has amassed over 60,000 illustrated tin cans. This collection offers a unique way to travel back in time.

At the museum, you can admire tins of cookies, caramels, coffee, cocoa, as well as toys.

This precious collection can be discovered by making an appointment at the museum. Allow around 2 hours to wander the various aisles that house this fabulous treasure.

Today, this imposing collection truly represents a slice of history, reflecting a variety of subjects, forms and uses ranging from the 19the century to the present day. Such is the museum’s renown that Yvette Dardenne is regularly asked to take part in themed exhibitions around the world.

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8 Route du Condroz, Hannut



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