engis-bd.jpgReprésentation du village d'Hermalle-sous-Huy en dessin dans le plus pur style de la ligne clair
©Hermalle-sous-Huy|Jean-Luc Delvaux

Our heritage in comics

Belgium is the country with the highest number of comic strip authors per square kilometer. A true national heritage, the 9th art is present in a number of localities in Terres-de-Meuse.
The Maison du Tourisme invites you to discover 13 heritage sites in the region between Geer and Meuse, highlighted by the talents of comic strip artists.

13 designers, 13 heritage sites

The principle is simple. We asked 13 illustrators to choose a heritage site in the Terres-de-Meuse region and draw it in the period that spoke most to them. The result is 13 panels featuring a building, an architectural ensemble… in a period of history ranging from the Middle Ages to the middle of the XXe century.

There’s no question here of restoring historical truth – even the most seasoned historians have trouble with visual representation. Nor will we be amused by spotting the occasional anachronism. Rather, what we asked the designers was how they saw a site at a certain time, and to represent it through drawing.

Discover heritage in a different way

This journey through the 9e art is a fantastic opportunity to (re-)discover the talent of Walloon cartoonists such as Stibane, Dizier, Delvaux, Venanzi, Courtois, Van Linthout, Marc-Renier, Defresne, Pierrephi, Chardez, Pierret, Hachel or Carin, all while enjoying the architectural and landscape beauties of the region.
And why not take the opportunity to introduce younger visitors to heritage through a more playful aspect.


It is possible to purchase the various drawings from the Maison du Tourisme. We have reproduced each illustration as a postcard. On the back of each one is the name of the artist and the place represented.

We sell them for €0.50 / piece.

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