Moulin-du-Geer-Basse-Def-079-2048x1367-1.jpgMoulin Du Geer castral
©BRG JBerger


in Terres-de-Meuse

With paddles, buckets and wind, the wheel turns in Terres-de-Meuse!

Les Moulins

In the past, a multitude of mills operated on the Hesbignon plateau, as far as the heights of Amay. In the small valleys leading to the Meuse, such as the Mehaigne, the Hoyoux and its tributaries, other mills used water as a driving force. The Dreye mill has now been restored by its new owners, with its buildings and diversion reach. The wheel of the Toultia mill still turns occasionally.

The Geer mill has been listed and restored. The Fallais and Lavoir mills on the Mehaigne have also been refurbished by their owners.

Meunier, are you asleep?

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