Moha_chateau-c-Jean-Pol-GRANDMONT.jpgChâteau féodal de Moha
©Château féodal de Moha|Jean-Pol Grandmont

Military architecture

Travel through time in the heart of Terres-de-Meuse, where medieval architecture is revealed beneath majestic keeps and ancient mottes feudales.
A captivating architectural adventure awaits, where buildings from the past tell fascinating stories.

Donjon, motte féodale, château

Medieval architecture is illustrated by keeps such as those at Limont, Huccorgne, Amay, Seraing-le-Château or Nandrin, Villers-le-Temple and Soheit-Tinlot. Ancient feudal mottes have been spotted in Hesbaye, notably at Faimes and Lamine.

Les Terres-de-Meuse also boasts an incredible number of manor houses, gentilhommières and pleasure castles. The best-known are those of Modave, Jehay, Waleffe and Warfusée, classified as Wallonia’s major heritage sites.

Remains of ramparts are to be discovered in Huy, where the toponymy tells of the town’s medieval past.

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