Les_Waleffes_CH0-c-Jean-Pol-Grandmont-1.jpgChâteau de Waleffe
©Château de Waleffe|Jean Pol Grandmont

Waleffe Castle

Located in a bocage setting of exceptional character, Château de Waleffe has been owned by the de Potesta family for thirteen generations.
In the purest classical style, this 18th-century château retains an exceptionally rich interior decoration in the Louis XIV and Louis XV styles.

A jewel of classical architecture

The Château de Waleffe Saint-Pierre, located in Les Waleffes (Faimes), is a major Walloon Heritage site. Built in the 18th century, it represents an outstanding example of the architectural style of the period. The château boasts sumptuous interior decoration and furnishings inspired by the taste of the 17th century. It also played a historic role during the Second World War, serving as a refuge for a group of the Secret Army. Today, the château belongs to the de Potesta de Waleffe family.

The château’s park, redesigned in the 19the century, offers a picturesque setting with a bicentennial bower and an avenue of lime trees. The cour d’honneur features lawns and parterres en broderie, embellished with 18the century terracotta sculptures. The château also offers modular rooms for your prestigious events, as well as guest rooms for a luxurious experience.

The Waleffe-Saint-Pierre site includes other exceptional buildings, bearing witness to the history of Liège. The castle and the castral farm recall the links with the prince-bishops of Liège. In addition, the castle’s herbalist shop showcases traditional knowledge of medicinal plants, offering visitors an immersive experience in the world of herbs and natural remedies. Workshops and demonstrations allow visitors to explore the virtues of plants and discover the art of phytotherapy.