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Moha feudal castle

Explore the captivating past of Château de Moha, once an impregnable fortress, now surrounded by unspoilt nature.

A medieval fortress

in the heart of nature

The Château de Moha is located at the confluence of the Mehaigne and Fosseroule rivers, surrounded by a natural park. Its history dates back to medieval times, with legendary origins linked to the County of Moha. The castle was built by the Counts of Moha and the Prince-Bishops of Liège to defend the region. Later, it became a prison and strategic fortress under the Prince-Bishops.

Although the castle walls are no longer threatening today, they were once reputed to be impregnable. However, in 1376, the inhabitants of Huy succeeded in taking the castle by deception, marking the end of its glory days.

In addition to its historical importance, the Moha site is home to a rich fauna and flora, preserved thanks to work carried out by the Parc naturel des Vallées de la Burdinale et de la Mehaigne.

Whether you’re a history buff, in search of entertainment, a family with children or simply looking for an hour’s, day’s or weekend visit, Château de Moha offers something for all tastes and desires.

Nowadays, Château de Moha hosts a variety of festive events that revive the site’s medieval past, with entertainment such as knight fights, storytelling, guides explaining the customs and flavors of yesteryear.

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