Château de JehayChâteau de Jehay
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Jehay Castle

and its checkerboard façade

This sublime château is unique in Europe, and is easily distinguished by the famous checkerboard pattern adorning its facades. Its Italianate park and the diversity of its collections, on display in the outbuildings, are just some of its remarkable assets.

A château of Art, History and Nature

The Château de Jehay is an imposing 16thcentury building surrounded by a moat and classified as Wallonia’s Outstanding Heritage. Its checkerboard structure, unique in Europe, makes it instantly recognizable. Although its interior is not accessible due to ongoing restoration work, the estate remains open to the public and offers various animations.

Owned by the Province of Liège, the castle has been modified over time by the various families who have owned it. The estate’s outbuildings, once stables, cowsheds and a barn, now house the boutique/ticket office and staff offices.

The outbuildings also present exhibitions showcasing the château’s art collection. Among the exhibitions on offer are “Le Cabinet de curiosités de Jehay”, “Oiseaux (extra)ordinaires” and
“Peintures étonnantes!”. These exhibitions allow visitors to discover different aspects of this vast and remarkable art collection.

The park and gardens

The estate covers 22 hectares, of which around 7 are open to visitors. These areas include pleasure gardens, a vegetable garden, wooded areas and meadows.

The earliest known illustrations of this park date back to the 18th century and were created by Remacle Leloup, a famous artist from the Liège region. A number of bower and chestnut tree avenues dating from this period are still preserved. In the mid-20th century, the château’s last resident, Count Guy van den Steen de Jehay, completely redesigned the gardens.

The so-called “Italian-style” gardens are veritable jewels of greenery in which remarkable trees and avenues of trellised lime trees stand side by side.

The kitchen garden has existed since the 19th century and extends over one hectare. The kitchen garden was renovated a few years ago by the Province of Liège. It features an orchard with old varieties, berries, medicinal plants and a wide variety of vegetables and edible flowers. The production is mainly used by the Conserverie Solidaire de la Province de Liège for training and animation purposes.

The scene of many events

Château de Jehay is also the venue for special events such as the Easter game, the Nocturne, Halloween and many others.

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