Carriere AmpsinCarriere Ampsin

Unusual walks

in the Ampsin quarry

Discover the raw beauty of nature as you venture into the Ampsin quarry, an iconic spot in the commune of Amay that offers a unique walking experience. Between the impressive limestone cliffs and the wild flora that grows there, you’ll be transported to a breathtaking natural world.

Come and explore this geological wonder and enjoy an unforgettable outdoor experience!

Meet nature and witnesses to the industrial past

A walk in an unusual place tempts you?

The Ampsin quarry, classified as a State Nature Reserve, has a didactic geological trail through which visitors can better understand the extraction work, the nature of the rocks and the development of a particular biodiversity.

You’ll find a wide variety of biotopes: wetlands, rock faces with cliffs, grassy wastelands, forest facies… which is obviously conducive to the development of many species of wildlife animal and plant life.

The quarry therefore has an open-access walk where witnesses of this industrial past (the lime kilns) rub shoulders with nature, and an itinerary accessible only when accompanied by an approved nature guide.

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