4241-FTPL-P.Fagnoul-Chateau-de-Jehay.jpgSculpture de Follon dans le parc du château ce Jehay
©Château de Jehay|FTPL P. Fagnoul

Top parks and gardens

where to take a break

Discover the quintessence of bucolic pleasures by exploring the region’s natural treasures!

Plunge into the centuries-old elegance of the gardens at Jehay Castle, be enchanted by the picturesque splendor of Modave Castle Park, and marvel at the spellbinding artistic creations of Willow Land Art in Ville-en-Hesbaye. These havens of peace offer you an enchanted interlude, where you can recharge your batteries and marvel at the timeless magic of nature. Leave your worries behind and let yourself be transported to a world where verdant beauty and tranquility reign supreme. Your senses will be awakened, your mind soothed, and your heart conquered by the splendor of these landscaped gems. Get ready to escape and recharge your batteries in the region’s most remarkable parks and gardens, where nature and art come together to offer you a unique and captivating experience.

Jehay Castle

At Château de Jehay, the Italian-style park and gardens are a veritable treasure trove of greenery
with remarkable trees and avenues of trellised lime trees.
The kitchen garden is home to the horticultural and fruit-growing riches of our terroir.


Modave Castle

At the Château de Modave, a French-style park, redesigned in the 19th century,
as well as the gardens unfurl along the side of the château.
Featuring rose parterres, the garden is enclosed at its ends by yew hedges and
possesses some remarkable trees.
The whole flourishes in the heart of a 450-hectare nature reserve.

Willow Land Art

More atypical, plant architecture and osiericulture, the landscape integration of willow into the garden,
are to be discovered near Ville-en-Hesbaye (Braives). Willow Land Art is Pierre-Yves Lenoir’s project.

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