img8548-1920x1440-1.jpegMontgolfière qui survole les ruines du château d'Hollogne-sur-Geer et les décanteurs
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Nature from the sky

Hot-air balloon flight

Flying away for an hour’s ride with the wind means discovering breathtaking landscapes, visiting exceptional architectural sites in an unprecedented way, but also understanding the evolution of our nature while skimming the treetops.

Board for this unforgettable experience departing from an exceptional site.

On landing, to recover from your emotions, a glass of champagne is provided in the middle of the fields.

How about getting some height?

Departing from an exceptional site such as Château de Modave, Château de Limont (Donceel), Château de Saint-Vitu (Tinlot) or Ferme Gathy in Wasseiges.

Please note, the exact take-off site is chosen by the pilot on the day itself according to wind direction, to avoid the airspace around the Tihange nuclear power plant and Bierset airport, which are off-limits to hot-air balloons.

On arrival at the take-off site, you’ll receive a short briefing on the flight schedule and safety to ensure that this unusual adventure in the air runs smoothly.

Don’t forget to bring your voucher with you, good shoes for the fields and a cap for the heat of the burner.

Special condition

Hot-air balloon flight

Measure at least 1 m
Weigh less than 100 kg
Do not wear prostheses on hips, knees or feet
Do not have inner ear problems (vertigo)
Do not be pregnant


All passengers are covered by the Montgolfiè provider.
The pilots are all professionals and the flights are approved and supervised by the Administration de l’Aéronautique.

Are you in the mood for adventure?

Flights take place in the late afternoon (2 to 3 hours before sunset) or just after sunrise. These are the times when the lights are most beautiful and thermal movements are weak, moving the hot-air balloons safely with the wind.

A flight decision is made before 2:30 pm on the same day for late-day flights, and before 6 pm the day before for morning take-offs. communicates their flight decision to you as quickly as possible by telephone or SMS, along with the take-off site chosen by the pilot and the exact rendezvous time. This gives you plenty of time to get organized and get to the launch site. If you don’t receive the SMS, don’t hesitate to call them on 02 358 30 30.