martin-pecheur-AdobeStock_465539655-c-Eduard.jpegMartin Pêcheur
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in Amay and Geer

The decanter sites at Hollogne-sur-Geer and the gravel pit at Amay are prime locations for observing a wide variety of birds. Whether for ornithology enthusiasts or simply nature lovers, these sites offer a veritable spectacle of winged fauna.

Come and discover the birds that populate these wetlands and watch them evolve in their natural environment!

Upper Geer Nature Reserve

Located in the village of Hollogne-sur-Geer, the Haut-Geer nature reserve is a veritable paradise for birds. Made up of former settling ponds, seven in all, it is one of the most beautiful birdwatching sites in the Walloon Region.

With 34 hectares of managed and protected reserve, where reedbeds, cattail ponds, bush-lined ponds, others with open banks rub shoulders… so many different environments that enable different types of birds to feed, nest, rest on migration or winter.

An observatory has been built for bird lovers, to enable them to observe them without disturbing them.

Don’t hesitate to bring your binoculars if you have them!

Gravel pit lake

The mining of the Amay gravel pit has come to an end, leaving us with a 23-hectare lake in a 44-hectare parcel.

The lake is home to a Nature zone recognized as a Wetland of Biological Interest, with over 120 species observed.

The gravel pit lake is landscaped with reedbeds, gently sloping banks, a walking path, tree and shrub plantations. An observatory has been set up to observe birds without frightening them away.

A 2.5 km path runs around the lake, punctuated by educational panels. access to the site is via rue Ponthière.