Saint-Fontaine et les étangsSaint-Fontaine et les étangs
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Saint-Fontaine and the ponds

“Saint-Fontaine et les étangs” is my favorite walk of the last few weeks.

A walk through wide-open spaces dotted with forests and magnificent nooks and crannies. This walk in the heart of the Condroz is a real change of scenery.

10 km from the church in Pailhe, a charming, timeless village near Modave and Clavier.

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Ju on the road

On arrival, park your car in the church parking lot alongside the stream. Start your escapade by following the vertical red markers. The “Cint-Fontaine et les étangs” route is very clear and well signposted, so you won’t get lost!

You’ll soon be crisscrossing the vast Condrusian countryside, passing through the Grand Taillis wood and the magnificent Bassin wood.

The apotheosis of this walk: the hamlet of Saint-Fontaine, a must-see for its castle, its 12th-century chapel, its ponds and its ford crossing. It’s the ideal spot to stop for a moment, enjoy the scenery and take your time. There’s something soothing and calming about this place… Before setting off again, take a tour of the chapel – it’s well worth the detour. Despite vandalism, the cemetery still boasts some remarkable old crosses. There’s an explanatory panel by the roadside, so be sure to take a look to find out more about Saint-Fontaine and the château.


Let’s get back on track, leaving the pretty limestone houses behind to head into the woods. Surprise along the way (somewhat indicated by my friend Éléonore), the discovery of a chapel hidden in the middle of the trees, with no real path to get there. An incredible site, which I’ll keep secret out of respect for the place. But here are some beautiful images to give you an idea of the magic of this place.

A walk to be done in all seasons, but autumn is a wonder to behold… A route that offers a very special serenity, you won’t see the time go by.

I knew very little about this area… I hope I’ve inspired you to discover it thanks to this article and this beautiful itinerary.

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