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Promenade d'Hermalle

Nature and exploration in the Meuse Valley

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Ju on the road

Promenade d'Hermalle-sous-Huy

A beautiful sunny day, summery temperatures, a need for nature and a change of scenery, and a strong desire to stretch my legs… All the conditions were in place on this fine September day to set off and discover the Meuse Valley. I’ve known about this region since I was a little girl, but I’d never taken the time to “explore” it.

If you too would like to (re)discover the Terres-de-Meuse region, the Hesbaye, the Condroz and the Meuse Valley, go straight to the walking chapter to choose one of the many walks in the area. Great itineraries on foot, by bike or even on horseback! Here’s a report on my walk of the day, the Hermalle-sous-Huy walk.

A few kilometers from my home, the Hermalle-sous-Huy walk offers you the chance to discover the Meuse and its surroundings in a whole new way, on a stroll between verdant nature and rural exploration. Throughout the walk, the landscape changes: meadows, coppices, deciduous undergrowth, overhangs of the Meuse and plains that follow one another!

For added convenience, I recommend downloading the Cirkwi app, which will help you find your way around all the paths and even through the woods. You’ll see that the route is criss-crossed by numerous paths, making it easy to change the route to suit your mood. Thanks to this beautiful walk, you’ll discover the riches of the Meuse’s natural and village heritage. Let’s go!

We start from the village center of Hermalle-sous-Huy. Follow the green signs. The square, which forms the historic center, is very cute and peaceful. Pass the farmhouse, home to the Musée de la Gourmandise, before heading into the woods. Another area houses Belgium’s largest library dedicated to gastronomy. After a visit or a walk, you can stop off at the tavern to enjoy a Walloon craft beer and dishes made from recipes from the library.

Before that, get your calves ready, it’s uphill! Walking shoes or sneakers are necessary with the difference in altitude.

All along the walk, we criss-cross magnificent paths lined with ferns and hedges. This is a unique area, known as the “Ardenne condrusienne“.

A major black spot on the route is the 400-500m passage on the road to Yernée (between point 4 “Tour Malherbe” and “Les Forges”). Be very careful, as the cars are travelling at high speed, leaving little room for walking on the side of the road. A minimum of safe passage would be welcome! Don’t panic, you’ll find a quiet path back along the water once you reach Les Forges.


At Ombret, I’d advise you to make a small detour on your route to observe the ruins of Notre-Dame church. Dating back to the 19th century and abandoned for years, the church is currently being restored and will soon be converted into apartments. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to explore.

Then head up to Thier d’Olne, the small hill bypassed by the Meuse River. This is an archaeological site, as excavation campaigns have uncovered the remains of a major domanial complex from the High Middle Ages. Once you’ve reached the top, you won’t regret the sweat. The view is well worth the effort.
Return to the village of Hermalle via the Gerée countryside, passing the pretty Hottine farm. The end of the walk offers a final discovery, the Château d’Hermalle-sous-Huy, still surrounded by moats today.