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Our favorite walks

Discover the very essence of escape and let yourself be carried away by my favorite walks. Explore enchanting landscapes, get lost on unsuspected paths and experience unforgettable moments in the heart of nature.


Discover my selection of must-sees in Terres-de-Meuse

Marc Houbart

Promenade du Wachnet

An easy, family-friendly walk in a natural setting at the gateway to Waremme.

The +

– This very easy circuit is made up of several small interlocking loops. No need for signposts. If you always turn right at each junction, you’ll be right back where you started.
– The walk takes you along landscaped paths and duckboards in the heart of a wetland of great biological interest. The route on these wooden pontoons, detours to platforms overlooking ponds full of life, the croaking of frogs and the “jungle” aspect of the route will delight the little ones.
– For the older ones, it’s a plunge into an area of wild nature among dragonflies, birds, frogs and a very colorful flora in June-July. You’ll pass through environments bursting with life, such as reedbeds and wet forests.
– Educational panels are scattered throughout the site, explaining the secrets of wetlands to young and old alike.
– The site can be borrowed with a “4X4”-style baby carriage.

The –

– Due to recurrent drought in recent years and a natural tendency for trees to recolonize, the site is gradually closing in, at the expense of the spectacular blooms of the open environments and reed beds. Some of the paths are part of the Province of Liège’s “points-nœuds” network, and are used by cyclists who sometimes drive a little too fast. Be careful with children!

Marsh tree frog walk

An easy walk ideal for families, even with small children, on a summer’s day.

The +

This very easy circuit starts at the Village du Saule site, a magnificent wetland area embellished with pontoons over ponds, an observation tower, willow mazes and a playground for the little ones. A great way to round off your walk. The walk itself is pretty and rather shady. It passes a fountain in the shape of a frog spitting water. On a hot day, it’s a call to water!”

The –

The route is almost entirely paved. It runs for a long time along the RAVeL. With children, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the influx of electric bikes on the trail!

Promenade de la Pierre

A varied walk combining nature and heritage. A pleasant, shady route along the Mehaigne.

The +

– A very shady walk, partly along the water.
– The exceptional spring flora and beautiful landscapes of the limestone Mehaigne valley are well worth the trip.
– The remains of the Château de Moha: in season, you can combine the walk with a visit to the château (free of charge), or go one step further and take advantage of one of the many activities offered by the château team (ask for details): escape game, horse-drawn carriage ride… All in all, you can spend a pleasant day with a change of scenery.
– In season, a not inconsiderable asset is the presence of a very friendly refreshment bar, well-stocked with regional beers, at the Château de Moha welcome station.

The –

– We don’t see any!”


A sporty walk in a magnificent forest, full of flowers in spring.

The +

– Sporting immersion in the forest. Let’s not mince words, the Solières massif is one of the most beautiful forest massifs in Belgium. This walk will take you away from your daily routine, along babbling brooks and through enchanting forest landscapes. It’s hard to believe you’re on the outskirts of Huy. But be warned: at almost 11 km and with a difference in altitude of almost 370 m, this walk is a breath of fresh air! We especially recommend it in spring for the exceptional flowering of the pathsides, but it’s beautiful in any season.

The –

– This walk can be very busy at certain times of the year and depending on the weather. For lovers of peace and quiet, avoid doing it in the summer and in excessively fine weather.

The Saint-Fontaine promenade

Between deep forests and luminous Condroz landscapes, this walk takes in the magnificent hamlet of Cint or Saint-Fontaine:
its old sandstone dwellings, its castle… its ford crossing and its ponds!

The +

– To be done in all seasons, but autumn is a marvel because the woods (especially larch woods) are so colorful. The country trails are also enjoyable for the vast landscapes they offer over the rolling Condrusian hills. It’s a trail that offers a special kind of serenity. The hamlet of Cint-Fontaine is well worth a visit. In the middle of the village is a road that fords a stream. The walk prefers to use a bridge, but it’s obvious that children will find it hard to resist the pleasure of wading!

The –

– We’re still looking for them!